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Friday, June 20, 2014

The Heart of the Approach

Another triumph of the brilliant Iain Duncan Smith and the Idleness Police has been meanly criticised by a parliamentary committee and, as one might expect, perfunctorily defended by an anonymous spokesbeing. The committee's report on Personal Independence Payments says that the DWP's henchmen at ATOS misled the Government when bidding for the relevant scrounger elimination contract; ATOS is a private company and not a social security claimant, so the Government apparently decided that its self-certification was good enough. On the positive side, claims were delayed for more than six months; claimants were hospitalised from stress or because they could not afford medically prescribed diets; and by last October the Department of Workfare and Privation had achieved a full sixteen per cent of its expected quota for claims processed and decided.

Rather uncharitably, the public accounts committee calls this a "fiasco", but Britain's Head Boy extruded a spokesbeing to set the record straight. "I think what you are seeing is the transition from a scheme of self-certification to one where I think the right and proper checks are being made," the spokesbeing said. Apparently everything is on course, always when the brilliant Duncan Smith is involved, and the heart of the Government's approach is that people are only being forced into hospital because resources are being more efficiently targeted. If eighty-four per cent of claims have not been dealt with on time, that is just one more indication of the number of shirkers and scroungers who remain to have their crutches heartfully kicked away.


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