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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Taxpayer Urged to Fix Scroungers' Roofing

Some people from the construction, housing and environmental sectors appear to have failed rather badly in comprehending the Government's reform agenda. A coalition of twenty organisations has written to Lord Deighton, the commercial secretary to the Treasury, calling on the greenest government ever to provide a million homes with proper insulation. The organisations admit that this would cut energy bills, thereby causing undue hardship to executives in the Big Six cartel; they admit that it would reduce fuel poverty, thereby removing one of the most important incentives for poverty-stricken proles; they even admit that it would reduce dependence on fossil fuels and help to tackle climate change, as though the greenest government ever had ever shown the slightest inclination to take action on either issue. On the positive side, thousands of jobs might be created; but even these could potentially be the kind of unproductive, scrounger-friendly jobs that require investment and training and regulation and suchlike nasty and blasphemous things. We are fortunate that Lord Deighton, formerly a humble cog in the taxpaying machine that was Goldman Sachs, is likely to treat such peculiar ideas with the attention they deserve.


  • At 7:12 am , Blogger Unknown said...

    I see the Guardian did it's bit by putting this report center stage on it's website - nnnnnnot.


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