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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Tackling the Naughty Bankers, Helping the Nice Bankers

As we are all aware by now, because the coalition has told us often enough, the late financial disaster was caused primarily by the last Labour administration, with significant contributions from immigrants, the NHS and the fact that poor people have too much disposable income. Having taken swift and decisive action to remedy these problems with a three-year economic depression, the Government has now turned its attention to the City of London which, mirabile dictu, appears to contain a few rotten apples of its own. The Euro-wogs have set out a directive making certain forms of cheating a criminal offence, but the Chancellor has opted out of those particular measures; not in order to protect his chums from prison sentences (O perish the thought) but in order to leave himself the freedom of movement to bring in more quickly and efficiently the measures he has opted out of. The Chancellor has also told the deputy governor of the Bank of England to implement a review of City practices; this will begin in the autumn with a consultation to ensure that the City is treated with appropriate understanding and compassion, and will finish some time after the next election. At about that point, presumably, the anticipated bursting of the Bullingdon Bubble will require a few token tweaks of the financial sector, in addition to the renewed kicking of those who are really to blame.


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