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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Noble Purple

It appears that the Farage Falange is no longer content with stealing votes only from the Conservatives and the British National Party. A former leader and expenses claimant of considerable standing has written to Francis Maude at the Cabinet Office, demanding extra seats in the Lords on the grounds that the upper chamber's present composition does not reflect the Falange's share of the national vote. It is as yet unclear what the Farage Falange's former leader and expenses claimant of long standing thinks ought to happen to the bishops, given the number of votes cast for the Church of England. Anyway, the coalition agreement does in fact specify that appointments to the House of Donors "will be made with the objective of creating a second chamber that is reflective of the share of the vote secured by the political parties in the last general election." One of Francis Maude's underlings has told the Farage Falange's former leader and expenses claimant of long standing that his demands are "under consideration", which is presumably Whitehall English for go fuck a pig; and no doubt the Conservatives' coalition underlings have given their full approval to this approach. Of course there was once a time when the Deputy Conservatives claimed some vague interest in parliamentary reform; but any decision whether to leap into bed with the Farage Falange will naturally have to wait until after the next general election.


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