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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hunt Speaks Out

The Royal College of Nursing has voted down a proposal for a flat fee to be charged for GP consultations. Ninety per cent of delegates voted against the motion, though presumably the London Haystack will have something or other to say about the turnout. The issue has come up because, in spite of Twizzler Lansley's reforms, the Osborne economic miracle and the consistent benign interest of all the British Neoliberal Party's various right wings, the National Health Service is facing a financial crisis. Since protecting the world's best healthcare system by cancelling Trident, chasing corporate tax dodgers and raising National Insurance would be an unthinkable hate-crime against the prevailing theology, the Minister for Health and News Corporation has settled for a headline-grubbing lunch-blather about cosmetic surgery patients coming over here and stealing our beds. Hunt made it very clear that he is against "purely cosmetic work being done" at the taxpayer's expense; which is jolly sensible of him, and makes him look just about as brave, alert and statesmanlike as any Murdoch flunkey slapping a straw man in the face with a red herring possibly could look. No doubt he is also against such equally significant threats as illegal immigrants in the Lords, North Korean hegemony in Scotland or leftists in the Labour Party.


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