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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Purple in Thought, Purple in Word

Following on from the recent Batten bumph, I have now received a leaflet from the Farage Falange candidate for the local elections. It features twenty bullet points about what jolly things the Farage Falange would do in local government. Apparently there will be more NHS for all, more prioritisation of local people, tougher action against offenders and lots of parking. The other side of the leaflet features a largely comma-free rant about the European Union, in which most of the sentences seem to have been undeservedly thwarted in their urge to end with an exclamation mark or several: "As long as the EU Parliament is able to pass legislation imposing restrictions on international trade agreements between the UK and non-EU countries the UK remains powerless to prevent restrictions which limit our ability to trade with the world." A mere full stop seems hardly in keeping with the spirit of the thing. Perusing further: "The only way out of this is to leave the EU and we are the only party that will guarantee that without diminishing our influence on trade with the EU and the rest of the world, a world which we historically used to trade proportionally much more with." It is jolly decent of the Farage Falange's local candidate to specify the particular world to which he is referring, although regrettably he does not make clear whether the world in which leaving the EU will have no consequences for our European trade is the same planet as our own. The candidate's name is Amir Latif and his leaflet says nothing at all about immigration; which is rather odd, considering the eminently non-racist nature of UKIP's concerns about immigration, at least among those candidates who haven't been expelled yet.


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