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Monday, April 21, 2014

Unintended Consequences

Thousands of Britain-haters have responded with expectable psychopathic hostility to a public-spirited bit of investigative journalism by the Rothermere Stürmer on Sunday. Rather than waste time going after megalomaniac spooks or crooked politicians, the Stürmer on Sunday has decided to tackle the very core of the cancer eating away at British society; namely a Christian charity which runs food banks. Although Britain's Head Boy has had a bit of a simper on occasion about the contribution of food banks to the feudal system in general and to the Big Society thingy in particular, the brilliant Iain Duncan Smith has accused them of playing politics, while spokesbeings from Duncan Smith's Department for Workfare and Privation have faulted the Trussell Trust for "aggressive marketing" and for "misleading and emotionally manipulative publicity-seeking". That sort of thing is, of course, quite alien to the grown-up debate we need to have about whether strivers should pay for shirkers to live high on the hog and kill children, like Mick Philpott. Anyway, the Stürmer on Sunday sent one of its stormtroopers to a food bank, where he obtained three days' food under false pretences and where staff made no attempt to determine whether he was a deserving case or an asylum seeker. As a result, donations to the Trussell Trust have increased approximately sevenfold, which just goes to show how much hatred of British values there is out there. If you hate Britain too, the Trussell Trust's donations page is here.


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