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Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Chains of Foreign Oppression

The ghastly Euro-wogs have once more attempted to undermine British sovereignty, this time by abolishing the freedom of governments and their minions to spy on whomever they dashed well please. This latest diktat is a blow to the Home Office, which was plotting to collect and store data from everyone's internet and phone use and keep it for up to a year in case it came in handy. Nick Clegg apparently told the Home Secretary in 2012 that such a plan was "unworkable", and the Home Secretary seems understandably to have taken that as a declaration of support for the principle of the thing. One need only look at such Liberal Democrat favourites as student fees, the Health and Social Care Act, the bedroom tax and the assault on the welfare system to see that a measure need not be counted a failure merely because it happens to be unworkable with regard to its own declared aims or the realms of common sanity. A spokesbeing said that the Home Office is "considering the judgment and its implications carefully"; in Standard English, Theresa May's staff are busy working out how much the taxpayer can afford to front up in penalties when the Government is found to be breaking the law, while the lady herself gnaws at the padding on the walls of her office.


  • At 9:46 am , Anonymous ian said...

    This would be the same Theresa May about whom recently this was said:

    "The decision has been upheld and supported by the courts. Given those circumstances and the extent and level of judicial and other scrutiny, the Home Secretary has indicated that she does not feel that it is appropriate to intervene. That remains our position."

    Consistency, being an attribute of any self-respecting politician, I am therefore sure that your cynicism is misplaced.

  • At 6:50 pm , Blogger Philip said...

    I'm sure that was a completely different Theresa May. It almost certainly wasn't the swivel-eyed old dingbat pictured here, thank goodness.


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