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Saturday, March 08, 2014

We Employ Only the Best and Most Fully Authorised Wogs

When one is prime minister, of course, one cannot spend all one's time chillaxing, tweeting and flushing Nick Clegg's head down the toilet. There are also family values to be thought of; hence, in late 2010, Britain's Head Boy's favourite heifer somehow got herself named as the employer of a Decent Immigrant, which had no effect at all upon the said immigrant's application for certified Britishness. The immigrant in question is a charity case who is helping the British economy by looking after Daveybloke's children while Daveybloke and the little woman pursue more important matters. Her immigrancy, if not her decency, has come to the fore as a result of James Brokenshire's recent burble about wealthy metropolitan elites who refuse to take on honest British proles as their servants; a burble for which Brokenshire now doubtless basks in his dear leader's full and enthusiastic support. According to the chief psychic at Britain's leading liberal newspaper, the publicity has angered Downing Street because the nanny is regarded with great affection over her sensitivity towards the Camerons' disabled son Ivan. Given that Ivan's father seems to have thought of him primarily as fodder for a sordid propaganda campaign, it is to be hoped that the nanny is not relying on the family's affection overmuch.


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