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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Targeted Incentivisation Offsetting

When it comes to ditching the green crap, it appears that the faith-based community in Westminster is having some little trouble deciding which fib constitutes the orthodoxy of the moment. As a result of the watering down by the greenest government ever of the Energy Company Obligation, Ed Davey (not to be confused with Ed or Davey), the Deputy Conservative doormat at the Ministry of Fracking, has proclaimed that "we believe that more ECO measures will help more households". However, according to the Government's own calculations, 440,000 fewer households will receive help to reduce their long-term energy costs, which makes for a discrepancy too large to be missed even by a Blairette vacuity like Caroline Flint. Meanwhile, according to a spokesbeing from the Department for Exacerbating Climate Catastrophe, the Government made an announcement in December about effectively targeting ranges of measures so that the neediest households (viz. those members of the energy cartel who want to work hard and get on) benefit most. One of Ed Davey's Real Conservative minders was even prepared to give an estimate of the number of lucky households; it was 930,000, which is self-evidently the sort of expansive statistic that needs to be plucked from a capacious Conservative rectum rather than one of those narrow, squiddly little yellow things.


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