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Monday, February 17, 2014

Ideology as Interior Life

The bloggery of J Sewell McEvoy is regrettably infrequent, but unfailingly interesting. The Numinous Book of Review specialises in the under-rated, the unreprinted and the undeservedly forgotten; I owe a particular debt of gratitude for this post which, more or less as an afterthought to its thoroughly intriguing main subject, pointed me towards one of the best Frankenstein adaptations I've ever seen, in a TV series that also includes a charming version of Robert Louis Stevenson's "The Suicide Club" and a Sweeney Todd which shows up the Tim Burton-Steven Sondheim epic as the stodgy confection it is. As his comments to this post demonstrate, Mr McEvoy's other virtues include a knowledgeable enthusiasm for the work of Peter Van Greenaway.

It's all the more flattering, therefore, that he has now posted a characteristically thoughtful review of my novella The Foundations of the Twenty-First Century, an alternate-world tale about the celebration of a peculiarly significant figure in our proud island story. The book is available as paperback or as PDF, and the opening can be read here; but whether you buy it or not, you should definitely treat yourself to a tour of Mr McEvoy's numinous archives.


  • At 1:26 am , Blogger J Sewell McEvoy said...

    You're much too kind, Philip, really much too kind.

    I happened across two photographs of Mr Van Greenaway, while recently excavating my pile of 1st editions. I was wondering whether it would be an invasion of his other-worldly privacy to post them.

  • At 6:22 pm , Blogger Philip said...

    Not unless they're considerably more revealing than the dust-jacket photo on my copy of The Man Who Held the Queen to Ransom, which shows him as Man in Middle Distance Struggling Blindly with Essence of Modernism.


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