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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Wog Raspberries Go Home

Daveybloke's badger-busting environment secretary - the chap who thinks climate change is rather jolly because it will keep pensioners warm so that the Government doesn't have to - appears to be growing ever more brilliant now that Britain's Head Boy has decided to ditch the green crap. Fruit and vegetable production has been in decline for the past few decades, although one would hardly guess it from the produce on display in the Houses of Parliament; and the National Farmers' Union has warned that Britain may have to rely on imports if the climate should fail to buck up its ideas following a wet summer in 2012. Owen Paterson has responded with a plea for British workers to rely on British fruit and vegetables rather than buying the immigrant stuff; this of course will create demand, to which market forces will inevitably rise by creating more supply. Naturally, in order to supply British foodstuffs for the British workers, it will be necessary for British farmers to increase British production; and for this to occur the British climate will necessarily be incentivised to co-operate, thereby reversing a trend which apparently began about thirty years ago, under the notoriously wasteful and badger-ridden Labour government of Margaret Thatcher. It is remarkable how simple certain problems can become, once the likes of Owen Paterson are involved.


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