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Monday, January 20, 2014

Bullingdon Family Values

Having nothing more important to do at the moment, Britain's Head Boy has been discussing his chillaxing habits with the Mail on Sunday. Evidently Lynton Crosby has decreed that it might be a good time to start cranking out a repeat of that Bloke of the People routine which seemed to be working so well during the years before 2010. Daveybloke the commoner had a bit of a burble about bands and children and channel-hopping, and said that he regards the Bible as a "sort of handy guide" on morality; although fortunately, as a "classic Church of England member", he does not go so far as to feel bound by it, any more than he feels bound by the scruples of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Since hugging a husky at this stage might upset the climate-change deniers, Crosby has evidently advised leaning on the bereavement button good and hard; so Daveybloke had a bit of a more serious burble about his disabled son Ivan, who died in 2009 and who was waved about at every opportunity as a token of his father's tender wishes towards the National Health Service. It seems there is no silver lining to the possession of such a propaganda weapon; as a classic Church of England member, Daveybloke no more believes in a Heaven for innocents than, as Bloke of the People and common liar, he believed his own guff about the NHS.


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