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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Not What Churchill Fought For

Yet another foreigner with a funny name has attacked British sovereignty by criticising the coalition's witch-hunt against refugees and asylum seekers. The office of the UN high commissioner for refugees has expressed concern that attempts to deal with the phantom problem of benefits tourism will lead to discrimination against vulnerable people. It is not entirely obvious what fun or profit there is supposed to be in discriminating against non-vulnerable people; but evidently such profound ethical questions are of little concern to the treacherously twisted, funny-named foreigner mentality.

The Home Office, which generally refuses to comment on specific cases unless they make for good copy in the Daily Mail, extruded a spokesbeing to quote Mark Harper, the hapless flunkey last seen defending the farcical Powellite Pantechnicon Programme; which shows just how seriously the Home Office takes the UN high commissioner for refugees. For its own part, Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition has no problem with bashing refugees or asylum seekers, but expressed mild concern in case British citizens should be mistaken for wogs. Doubtless some bright new idea (a one-nation national identity card scheme, perhaps) is in the offing to prevent such misfortunes. It is as yet unclear whether the Conservative Party has any plans to secede from the United Nations on the grounds of un-British human rights.


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