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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Roasting Horsemeat on the Bonfire of the Quangos

Surprisingly enough, it appears that deregulation and swingeing budget cuts can occasionally lead to a lowering of standards, despite the steady competence for which the Bullingdon Club and its little orange fags are justly notorious. In its sterling efforts to remove red tape, the Government cut down the Food Standards Agency and gave some of its remit to Defra and some to the Department for Profitable Healthcare. At the time, the latter department was being run by Twizzler Lansley, noted for soliciting the junk food industry's advice on breaking up the NHS; but presumably this was merely a benign coincidence. In any case, what had been the preserve of a single agency was now split between the said agency and two large ministries, with all the clarity of purpose and interdepartmental collaborativity that implies; in short, an exponential increase in the red tape which the Bullingdon Club and its little orange fags claimed to be removing. The Government has also managed to lose a quarter of the public analysts capable of detecting adulteration in food, and over the last two years a third of the necessary laboratories have also been mislaid. Astoundingly, this has resulted in a dramatic lowering of standards in food quality and an equally dramatic inability to test for and prevent adulteration; in large part, no doubt, because the proles are too lazy to shoot their own grouse.


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