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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Burn the Poor

As might be expected of the greenest government ever, recycling rates have fallen for the first time in thirty years; and as might be expected given the Cabinet's preponderance of Victorian money-grubbers and Regency fatheads, a nineteenth-century technology is rising in its place. Meddling Eurocrats have placed restrictions on the traditional British method of waste disposal, namely sweeping it under the ground; so market forces have intervened to provide a flowering of furnaces instead. This not only means that less material falls victim to the political correctness of recycling; it also means that there is less incentive to build recycling plants and impose the resulting multicultural crap on future generations of Conservative voters. Even more fortuitously, given the Government's clear intentions for the non-utilisable prole population, many of the new incinerators are being built in areas of outstanding Osbornomic success. "There's a feeling that people who are downtrodden have a harder time getting their act together to object," said a technical adviser for a Cornwall campaign group, "and hence it's easier to place nasty things next to them." Additionally, of course, it will save on transport costs when the Government's social cleansing campaign reaches its logical conclusion.


  • At 8:21 pm , Blogger David OBrien said...

    I would have posted this on Medialens, but that bunch of philistines just wouldn't appreciate the delicious awfulness of this bit of BBC kowtowing. Luckily for the Deer on Jura 'Davey Bloke' has a bad back, so can't blow their brains out. Do you think he chose Orwell's former retreat to piss people off?

    Video here

  • At 1:52 am , Blogger Philip said...

    More likely he wanted to impress upon the Scots how much better we are together and how hard it will go with them if they vote to eject the Huntin', Shootin' and Fishin' rah-rah set from its rightful habitat.


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