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Monday, March 11, 2013

Media Silence as Criminals Walk Free

Fury at lack of horror at lack of fury

The sentencing of economist Vicky Price and love cheat Chris Huhne has been greeted with a discreet lack of speculation on the causes of moral degeneracy in the wealthy middle classes.

Pundits did not rush to analyse the high percentage of criminals in the House of Commons as compared with the population at large, and almost no columns appeared immediately in the Daily Express comparing Pryce with Karen Matthews or Huhne with Nick Clegg.

Nor were many op-eds forthcoming about the damage caused to the Osborne economic miracle by economists who fail to properly calculate consequences before talking to the Press.

The Secretary of Forced Labour and CV rewrite specialist, Iain Duncan Smith, had nothing to say about well-off families in which up to three generations had grown up to be motorists.

The Ministry of Justice had nothing to say about the scandal of two convicted criminals possibly walking free in as little as eight weeks owing to the home curfew scheme.

Even the ex-Minister for Adam Werritty, during the course of a speech in which he proclaimed ten years of New Labour a socialist revolution, manifested little or no concern at the absence of the birch from the final judgement.

However, the lack of a sufficient punitive element in the couple's eight-month sentence is thought to be cause for concern among members of the public, who criticized the judge for not forcing the pair to share a cell.


  • At 8:31 pm , Anonymous The Judge said...

    The sub-heading in The Grundiad currently indeed says:

    "Former minister jailed with ex-wife for eight months"

    There is almost certainly a case under the Utterly Alien To Proud British Traditions Of Freedom To Fuck Over The Plebs Act to prevent this. I expect Shami and Michael are already on the case.


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