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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Unwanted Advice

Foreigners are lining up to lecture Britain's Head Boy on what passes for his European policy. Yesterday, with an amusing reminder of the famous special relationship, the American assistant secretary of state for European affairs ordered Daveybloke not to stage a referendum; which could result in a very interesting dilemma for those of the troglodytes who think "Atlanticist" is a prettier way of saying Little Englander. Today one of the Euro-wogs has weighed in, noting that "there is always a risk that the referendum becomes - as Charles de Gaulle put it - less about the question asked and more about the person who's asking it". Daveybloke of all people should understand this, since it was precisely that little psycho-psephological fact that helped him wreck Wee Nicky's referendum on voting reform. The Euro-wog also had the nerve to suggest that Britain would be weakened, rather than liberated and restored to former glory, if it continued to try and cherry-pick its treaty obligations. The Euro-wog in question was one Gunther Krichbaum, a close ally of the German Chancellor; as we all know, Angela Merkel is a bit too left-wing for Daveybloke and his fellow modernisers, who prefer the political company of climate cranks and racist freaks from the dynamic democracies of Eastern Europe. Anyway, Daveybloke is still working on a major thingy all about Europe, which he hopes to deliver quite soon. Wee Nicky, who has not yet been told to abandon his pro-European stance, apparently spent today playing at being a radio host.


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