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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Whereas on the 27th inst. the Sunday Murdoch did willfully publish a Gerald Scarfe cartoon depicting the Prince of Peace, Binyamin Netanyahu, as a blood-spattered architect of national security, bricking Palestinians into a wall which was intended as a malicious representation of Israel's Fence of Friendship;

Whereas Rupert Murdoch, proprietor of News International and various ministers and agents of the British Government, has deplored the said cartoon as grotesque and offensive;

Being mindful of his status as acting editor of the Sunday Murdoch and the career implications following from the inherent stability of such a role;

Martin Ivens

Notes the identity of the political interests and regional ambitions of the State of Israel with the rights and well-being of Jews everywhere;

Notes the indignation of non-self-hating Jews the world over at the grotesque offensiveness of a grotesque, offensive cartoon;

Acknowledges that the timing of the publication for Holocaust Memoral Day was an act of tactlessness approaching the genocidal, as when supporters of Saddam Hussein and al-Qaida defile 9/11 Day with mentions of the 1973 coup d'├ętat in Chile;

Admits that any reference to blood, by any person soever and in any context having to do with the activities of the State of Israel and the squashing of Palestinians, is necessarily and perforce a repetition of the Blood Libel as used by the Nazis and other Christians;

Pleads a long and robust record of defending the political interests and regional ambitions of the State of Israel under the internationally recognised and accepted guise of a concern for peace, democracy and fair play to all;

Panders to the noisy self-righteousness of various pressure groups and media outlets;

Repents unequivocally in sackcloth and ashes, and

Requests that the harshest permissible penalties should be enacted upon all parties responsible, with due mitigation for the heavy and distracting burdens of the editor's office as eloquently noted by various other employees of News International in connection with phone hacking and other dark arts.



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