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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Let Them Eat Cake

Britain's Head Boy has discovered the joy of food banks, and is planning to toddle along for a look at one in his own constituency, presumably because the ones further north are unlikely to stretch to a Bullingdon-friendly menu. Under what passes these days for pressure from Her Majesty's Loyal Opposition, Daveybloke has been burbling incoherently about food banks for quite some time, mostly in order to rah-rah them as the latest manifestation of the Big Society thingy and then, in virtually the same breath, to damn the previous administration for causing so much of the Big Society thingy to manifest itself in the first place. Clarifying matters yet further, Daveybloke has now extruded a spokesbeing to proclaim that, as a matter of fact, food banks are not really necessary at all, and that a food bank is a sort of luxury emporium where the proles can go when "they feel they need a bit of extra food", perhaps because the latest dinner party has gone on a few days longer than anticipated. "Benefit levels are set at a level where people can afford to eat", even if doing so means people must forego such extravagances as heating; which, as Barclays and other criminal enterprises prepare to hand out their executive bonuses, doubtless explains why benefit levels have to be cut further still.


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