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Friday, December 07, 2012

Truth, Justice and Semen-Destroying Maggots

The scourge of atheistic scientism has now let three hundred convicted criminals walk free from prison in the United States, and in the three hundredth case it has also deprived the Christian state of Louisiana of a nice, righteous execution. Damon Thibodeaux was sentenced to death for the murder and aggravated rape of a fourteen-year-old girl, on the traditional faith-based strength of an extorted confession and some hilarious testimony about "semen-destroying maggots" whose activity would explain the merely forensic finding that the victim had no sexual contact of any kind for at least a day before her death. Thibodeax's confession was inconsistent with the facts, but at the time of the trial Thibodeaux's defence lawyer was applying for a transfer to the same district attorney's office that was in charge of the prosecution, and seems to have decided that promotion was the better part of valour. Unfortunately for the Christian state of Louisiana, a lawyer assigned to the appeal was less rigorous in her pursuit of the American way and referred the case to the Innocence Project, a group devoted to overturning convictions through the use of mere evidence. A couple of commercial lawyers also became involved pro bono, which goes to show the danger of allowing the pure waters of enterprise to be corrupted with the Islamo-communist taint of profit-free legal representation. It remains to be seen whether anyone will speak out for the victim and her family, who have been cruelly and unusually deprived of the closure and comfort which inevitably results from seeing somebody executed.


  • At 10:20 pm , Anonymous Madame X said...

    Curiously though, the prosecutors continue to claim infallibility and tend to hold up release proceedings. And none of the cops lose any sleep over the real criminal still stalking the streets. Unlike how they portray it on television, of course.


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