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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crossed Wires, Cross Windbags

As often seems to happen when the Daveybloke administration announces a change of energy policy, the Daveybloke administration has found it necessary to announce that there will be no change of energy policy. Daveybloke's enforcer at the Department of Energy Cartel Convenience has been following in his Head Boy's footsteps and making policy without bothering to tell anyone first. Given that the department is nominally run by a Liberal Democrat, John Hayes evidently thought nobody would notice; unfortunately, the wrong sort of nobody did. Ed Davey (not to be confused with Ed or Davey) extruded an anonymous source to countermand Hayes' proclamation that British energy policy is too renewable for its own good, and to state into the bargain that Hayes had been "very silly". Hayes had blathered that the Government's "long-term goal is to enable renewables to compete against other forms of low-carbon generation without subsidy", which translates into Standard English as a call for even bigger cuts than the Chancellor has already imposed; and he also quoted that eternal champion of mill-owners, polluters and profiteers, William Blake. Nevertheless, it remains unclear whether Hayes has been quite so silly as the party which helped to drive a coach and horses through the coalition agreement in order to force competition on the NHS, while decorously standing back to let private monopolies keep their prices high.


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