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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Liberal Democrats in Existence Justification Revision Attempt

The Deputy Deputy Prime Minister, Simon Hughes, has been letting the voters know on what terms his party will accept electoral chastisement. As one might expect, the ever-lengthening list of broken pledges received as little attention as the party's connivance at the destruction of the NHS. Instead, Hughes declared that every betrayal, every fiasco, every evening spent with his head in the toilet for the amusement of the Bullingdon Club, would be worthwhile if by the next election "growth is clearly happening and going in the right direction". The right direction, presumably, is upwards, although given his leader's record in office Hughes' caution in being too specific is entirely understandable. The Deputy Deputy Prime Minister also proclaimed that "a huge cloud had been lifted" from the party's morale when Wee Nicky threw his little hissy-fit over the Conservatives' refusal to abide by the coalition agreement and support an elected House of Lords. Now that Wee Nicky has squealed a bit after two and a half years of humiliation, everything's just fine: "the mood is much more positive and much less worried, and of course keen to focus on growth in the economy and on jobs"; possibly for the very good reason that, after the tuition-fees U-turn, the referendum farce, the Europe veto, the NHS betrayal, the Lords fiasco, the collapse of their local representation and the recent influx of crooks, goblins and climate change deniers into the cabinet, the Deputy Conservatives have very little else left to talk about.


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