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Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Hunt Shunted, Twizzler Punted

Daveybloke's long-awaited reshuffle shows the Bullingdon sense of humour in full haw-haw; notably in the appointment of Chris Graybeing as minister of justice. Graybeing, who has no background in law, is the one who proclaimed that Christian hoteliers deserve more protection from the taint of homosexual money. Daveybloke's original choice for the justice brief was the mediocrity's mediocrity, Iain Duncan Smith; but the Secretary for Work and Pensions Withdrawal has indicated, possibly to the surprise of some, that he is not interested in justice.

Even more characteristic of the Bullingdon style of statesmanship is the shunting of the Minister for NewsCorp, Jeremy C Hunt, to Twizzler Lansley's post at the Department of Health. Hunt's replacement at the Department of Cultchah, Press Releases and LOCOG is Maria "The Motivator" Miller, the woman who thinks four hundred thousand jobs are more than enough to support 2.68 million people. Presumably Hunt was offered the post when he and his master had that brief encounter a month ago; curiously, the press are billing it as a promotion, despite copious evidence over the past two years about Conservative priorities as to public health versus the interests of Rupert Murdoch. Aside from his obvious intellectual and moral qualifications, Hunt is also a believer in homeopathic snake-oil remedies and an enthusiast of unwanted births, which in retrospect makes his appointment seem all but inevitable.


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