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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Incredibly Methodical

Daveybloke has been trying his face at righteous annoyance over Barclays' manipulation of interest rates, with more or less indifferent results. Daveybloke declined to pronounce any profundities on the moral fitness of the successful comedian Bob Diamond, saying only that "he has questions to answer" while refusing to set up an inquiry which will ask the questions. "When people have broken the rules they should face the consequences," burbled Daveybloke, who spent his time as leader of the opposition complaining that the banking industry was chafing under the rules. "We need a change of culture and we know what's gone wrong and largely we know what needs to be done to put it right," burbled Daveybloke, like a chap taking the hinges off the barn door after the horse has fled to the Channel Islands. "What you are going to see from the government is an incredibly methodical series of actions to deal with all of these problems," Daveybloke burbled, and made an incredibly methodical start by listing various announcements which the Government has made, and then listing more announcements which the Chancellor has made. According to the latter, what should be subjected to inquiry is the question whether "just as crime on our streets are punished crimes on the banking sector [should be] punished too"; while the question whether directors of failed banks should be held criminally responsible for their failures is a matter for that interesting strain of long grass known as "consultation". Unlike those who throw fire extinguishers or steal bottles of water or write silly things on Facebook, you see, crooks who wreck economies and swindle their customers on a large enough scale are best dealt with in a slow, gradual and incredibly methodical manner, so as not to upset any real people.


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