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Monday, May 28, 2012

Prioritational Urgentification of Strengthifying Responsifibility

While Daveybloke gives François Hollande his marching orders over EU subsidies, the Government's special nuncio to Belize and saviour of Libya is to crack the whip over the Russian Bear to try and improve its lamentable response to the Syrian crisis. The unpleasant incident in Houla has brought forth much blather about a "strong response", which apparently would involve "Assad peacefully leaving power while leaving the structure of his government intact" on the eminently pragmatic and humanitarian grounds that it's the despotism and not the despot which counts. With impeccable comic timing, Willem den Haag's bluster about holding Assad to account for killing civilians emerged on the Sunday before the Reverend Blair was due to descend upon the Leveson inquiry. Anyway, much to den Haag's righteous annoyance, Russia is standing by its ally and continues to supply him with weapons as though he were Suharto or the Sultan of Bahrain or somebody equally respectable. Den Haag will also (as the superbly Stalinist style of his spokesbeings' communiqué clunketh it) be engaging various senior interlocutors about the furtherance of Werritty's War on Iran, another issue on which the Russians are proving recalcitrant. Britain, it appears, is once more punching above its weight on the international stage, and no doubt we may anticipate the usual dignified results.


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