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Friday, April 20, 2012

Vicarious Humility

A proposed advertisement by a Christian radio station has fallen foul of the national persecution, which seeks to prevent council meetings from importuning the Deity and may yet result in women and homosexuals being recognised as fully paid-up members of the human race. The advertisement urged believers who feel martyred at work to come forth and testify in the interests of a "fairer society"; which in this context doubtless translates as a society in which Christians can be unfair to whomever their invisible friend chooses to dislike. Since the 2003 Communications Act forbids political advertising on the radio, the Radio Advertising Clearance Centre banned the advertisement, and was duly taken to court by London Christian Radio, whose case was duly thrown out. "Nothing in this judgment is meant to preclude advertisements by bodies such as the claimant in, for example, newspapers," said the judge. This did little to mollify the righteous wrath of the station's chief executive, who apparently considers his listeners incapable of picking up a newspaper or looking on the internet. We must hope that his listeners are grateful for the modesty being exercised on their behalf. It is true that the Saviour never made much effort to appeal to the brightest and the best; but even vicarious humility can be taken too far.


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