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Friday, March 16, 2012

Another President, Another Poodle

Daveybloke has rounded off his American rah-rah with exuberant good taste by laying a wreath at the site of the 11 September attacks and burbling about what a jolly place Afghanistan has become. The attacks, you see, were carried out mainly by Saudi Arabians on the presumed orders of a Saudi Arabian; which is why the Special Relationship has been killing people in Afghanistan and Iraq for the past decade. "Here at the site of the twin towers, Ground Zero," Daveybloke burbled, "here is the place to remember why what we do overseas is so important, so people are safe at home". Of what conceivable consequence is the demise of a few thousand wogs compared with our right to bask in the threat of another 7 July? Perhaps the Olympics will remind us. Anyway, Daveybloke has also been burbling about how the little woman was in New York on 11 September 2001 and how he tried to contact her; which was jolly decent of him and a handy Human Bloke touch for the speechwriters to slip in.

Meanwhile, Daveybloke's little men have been panting and drooling all over the place because Obama gave Daveybloke a ride on his toy aeroplane, and Daveybloke himself has been getting along famously with Obama, despite their differences in background. Possibly they found a few things in common when they discussed election promises and dropping bombs on people.

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