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Friday, December 16, 2011

It's Another Winner

Whether in moist pre-election mode or in his more recent swivel-eyed incarnation, Daveybloke has told us many times what a dreadful mess the previous administration made of British society; which no doubt explains why the latest debrokenising measures to be inflicted on a backsliding populace have been cannibalised wholesale from New Labour.

Having suddenly discovered a spare £448 million down the backs of various ministerial sofas, Britain's Head Boy has proclaimed that the solution to problem families lies in the "basic, practical things that are the building blocks of an orderly home and a responsible life" and that don't cost too much. Pluck, gumption, hard work, family values and knowing one's place are doubtless prominent among them. In order to attain these basic practicalities, a "family worker" will be appointed to open front doors, go into houses, see the family as a whole and rustle up a plan of action. This will involve different improvements depending on the proles at hand, but Daveybloke's idea of the family worker's function appears to be fending off intrusive strings of state officials who are as well-meaning and disconnected as Phillip Blond and, no doubt, overpaid by considerably more.

As one would expect from a New Labour idea, the scheme is "formally voluntary", with sanctions up to and including surveillance, homelessness and child detention for those deemed unbigsocietal in their volition. As one would expect from the present Government, local councils will be expected to manage the whole business while implementing cuts in social services which are exacerbating the problems the scheme is supposedly designed to ameliorate; and councils will receive no money until they have achieved the improvements that the money is supposedly intended to help achieve.

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