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Thursday, December 22, 2011

I Was a Teenage Oskar Schindler

We weren't in it together, says party man

France's state prosecutor has opened an investigation into the Nazi-themed stag party attended by the 33-year-old adolescent Conservative MP Adolf Hurley-Burley.

The Nazis established a racist police state whose answer to a world-wide economic crisis consisted of military adventurism and oppression of ethnic minorities and political opponents.

They are also notorious for having been extremist, mendacious, nationalistic, superstitious, corrupt and philistine.

Nevertheless, the Conservative Party is thought to disapprove of them by and large, as they claimed to be socialists and were mostly foreign.

The opposition has called for the Prime Minister to remove the Conservative whip from Mr Hurley-Burley while the investigation proceeds.

However, despite the warmongering, authoritarian, Muslim-baiting, BNP-courting, child-imprisoning, media-manipulating nature of their last government, it is as yet unclear whether Mr Hurley-Burley would be interested in joining Labour.

After the story broke, Mr Hurley-Burley hastened to distance himself from his former friends and acquaintances at the party and issued grovelling apologies to everyone he could think of.

"I have no sympathies whatsoever with Nazism, racism, or Fascism," he said, stating further that he did not participate in any toasts or chants, but merely sat off to the side sipping tonic water, protecting Jewish fugitives and being angelic.


  • At 11:54 pm , Anonymous Michael Greenwell said...

    In my life I have done fancy dress i 3 ways -

    1. As one of the blues brothers.
    2. When 19 or 18 with no money and no ideas I made a kind of chain-mail suit of postcards with shakespeare's face on which i had stolen a bundle of and on which i had written a quote by any writer or other i liked. the idea was that people picked one off and underneath i could get out of fanc dress and be nornmally clothed and fck off to the lot of it.
    3. 6 years of age, my dad dressed me up as a soldier and despite clearly having the best costume, i lost the competition because the eventual winner was the nephew of the judge.
    I took exception to the decision, violently, and ended up in a sea of trouble.

    reminds of this brilliant quote...

    "the English are a justice-loving people, the scots are an injustice-hating people"


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