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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Resist Not Evil

Publication of a report by the St Paul's Institute into the moral character of bankers has been delayed by the cathedral authorities on the grounds that, what with all the public concern about the moral character of bankers these days, its light would be hidden under a bushel. Supposedly, the report raises "profound concerns about the banking sector's willingness to accept responsibility for the financial crisis" which, at a time when people are protesting about the banking sector's refusal to accept responsibility for the financial crisis, would clearly be too awful.

Meanwhile, the Independent on Sunday has been hard at work trying to get Anglican bishops to comment on the protest. One accused St Paul's of "hysterical over-reaction", another said he wasn't against capitalism but thought the cathedral's public relations could do with improvement, and the Bishop of London said that none of it was anything to do with him but he hoped that protesters would not be violent when the Metropolitan Firearms, Headbangers and Venus Trap Club shows up. While it would certainly be a very rash person who would feel able to say without hesitation that any of this was absolutely the right or the wrong thing to do, it would no doubt be even worse were the Church to give the impression that it favours one side or the other, particularly in a debate that isn't about sex.


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