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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Certain Something

Clearly the Upper (formerly Lower) Miliband's days in Gordon Brown's cabinet were not spent in vain, as witness today's superb display of ineptitude over the ongoing anti-NHS process. A certain Mark Britnell, chosen by one of Daveybloke's little men to be part of a special advisory group thingy, told a conference of Twizzler Lansley's kind of people in New York that there would be "no mercy" for the NHS and that the resulting devastation would be a "big opportunity" for profiteers. Labour's health spokesbeing used the comments to attack the Government's plans, and a Labour MP asked Daveybloke about the matter today. As one would expect given that the Government's NHS policy is simply the Bullingdon kick in the groin after the Blairite stab in the back, it turns out that Britnell was involved in drawing up Labour's own plans for wrecking the health service a decade ago, and that while the Upper (formerly Lower) Miliband was still the Lower (if upwardly thrusting) Miliband, Britnell was director general for commissioning and system management. The Upper (formerly Lower) Miliband did not know this; neither did Labour's spokesbeing for health; and neither did the Labour MP who tried to score points on the issue. It takes a certain something to lose an argument with the Conservative Party over the National Health Service; but whatever that something may be, the modern Labour Party has it.


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