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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Fury at Benefit Horror

Cost of upkeep for half a million malingerers could have been saved, figures show

The vigilance of the Department for Work and Pensions Denial could have saved the taxpayer the cost of supporting more than half a million malingerers, according to research by a researcher.

The Department's own statistics show that 300,000 claimants were initially denied incapacity benefit but were then awarded it on appeal, and a further 200,000 were refused it but ended up back on it.

"Economic crisis encourages a search for scapegoats among the poor and dispossessed. A punitive welfare system is a consequence," said a Labour backbencher, who appeared to consider this a Bad Thing.

"Labour has to change the terms of debate on welfare in this country," he continued, "or we will inexorably head down a dangerous path toward hate politics and social conflict."

The Labour party, in which Phil Woolas once attained considerable prominence, is well known for its aversion to hate politics and social conflict, especially as regards refugees, Muslims and other criminals.

The Government did not comment on the research, but its solution is believed to involve subjecting benefit malingerers to medical tests which take less account of mental illnesses and long-term disabilities.

In this way the coalition hopes to break the iron grip of health and safety which has held the country in its iron grip since 1948.


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