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Friday, November 19, 2010

Young Blood

Entrepreneuriality adviser quits over having made Conservatives look like Tories

The right-wing multi-millionaire Lord Young has resigned over a gaffe which threatened to portray the coalition government of right-wing multi-millionaires in an unduly Conservative light.

Young, a former trade minister under the sainted Thatcher, was appointed by the Prime Minister as an "enterprise adviser", which is thought to have had something to do with distinguishing the deserving from the undeserving poor.

The Prime Minister initially declined to sack Young, but was said to be "deeply unimpressed" by his comments, which constituted a serious instance of bad public relations.

The Prime Minister is known for his leniency regarding right-wing gaffes, such as that made by the three hundred Conservative MPs who cheered and waved their order papers when the Chancellor announced measures that would deprive half a million people of their livelihood.

Young proclaimed that "the vast majority of people in the country today ... have never had it so good ever since this recession - this so-called recession - started", on the grounds that some people with mortgages were paying less each month.

Lord Digby Jones, the ex-chief of the Confabulation of Business Interests, defended Young on the grounds that some people who had a certain type of mortgage three years ago "had a good recession".

Lord Young's statement that this applied to the vast majority of Britons was the result of malignant media distortion by the left-wing Daily Telegraph, Jones said.


  • At 9:53 pm , Anonymous Madame X said...

    How do you get yours to resign? Ours don't even have to apologize and but rather go on the offensive, calling anyone a "socialist" (a few degrees lower than "motherfucker" here) who dares criticize.

  • At 11:02 pm , Blogger Philip said...

    This one seems to have gone on his ownsome, presumably because a Conservative government in which one is not allowed to wag a finger at the proles deserves no better than an emphatic Non serviam. He's also from an older generation which really does believe in resigning if one embarrasses one's cronies. If he were one of the new crop, it would have taken a squad of SAS to get him out of that office.


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