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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

True Meaning and Joy of Voluntaristic Reciprocality Fails to Sink In

Well, here's a thing: the flexible resources of Her Majesty's Britannic and Societally Sizeable Consumer Force do not care a bean for the deputy governor of the Bank of England's telling them they ought to dig into their extensive fiscal reserves and provide the economic stimulus which the bankers are keeping back for the boardrooms and the offshore accounts. Research by the Nationwide Building Society, no doubt heavily biased by that establishment's bitterness at not having been quantitatively eased, indicates that consumer confidence is melting away faster than Daveybloke's One Nation face pack. Thirty per cent of people think the economy will deteriorate in the next six months, and almost sixty per cent have leapt to the uncharitable conclusion that there will not be many jobs available once George the Progressively Regressive has thrown this year's six per cent of the public sector out of work. Considering what a desirable lifestyle choice it is to be placed on benefits, surprisingly few people are making appropriate spending plans: three-quarters of respondents did not think it a good time to make a large purchase such as a car, and sixty-five per cent did not think it a good time to buy household goods. What can be the matter with them all?


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