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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Night of Terror

Police hold foundations of civilisation steady as tabloid editor accused of falsehood

Foreign anarchists fuelled by drink and drugs mounted a violent attack on the heart of British democracy last night, according to the Metropolitan Police.

The trouble began yesterday, when allegations emerged that a Government public-relations officer might have said the thing that was not.

If true, the allegations would be the most devastating revelation about a Downing Street spin doctor since the last time a Downing Street spin doctor was caught telling an untruth.

Previous Downing Street spin doctors have included Peter Mandelson and Alistair Campbell, who between them are largely responsible for the near-universal esteem in which their calling is held.

Downing Street dismissed the allegations with a light laugh. "We'll take the word of a Murdoch tabloid editor and the Metropolitan Police over the New York Times any day," a spokesbeing said.

The Minister for International Exploitation condemned the rioters, saying that they were seizing on the words of someone who thought something ought to be investigated.

A statement by the Metropolitan Police said that nobody had yet been shot, because some of the perpetrators were Americans and might shoot back.


  • At 10:10 am , Blogger TeonGordon said...

    I almost laughed out loud when reading this. Almost.

    So much for a new politics. I can remember clearly Cameron taking the moral high ground over the whole McBride affair, and vowing never to get caught up in anything similar, yet here we are!


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