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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friends in High Places

Unforgiving and demonically afflicted persons have attempted to cloud the purity of British justice in the case of the former Downing Street madonna, Cherie Booth. Doubtless inspired by the depredations of the homosexual Jewish press, someone has sent a letter to the National Secular Society implying that all was not entirely as it should have been in the announcement by the Office of Judicial Complaints that Booth had done nothing wrong in suspending a sentence on the grounds that the sentencee had an invisible playmate. It appears that, when the Office of Judicial Complaints said that Booth's actions "did not constitute judicial misconduct", what they meant was that the complaint against her had been partly upheld and that the Lord Chancellor and Lord Chief Justice had expressed concern; and when the Office of Judicial Complains said that no disciplinary action was necessary, what they meant was that Booth should perhaps be advised of one or two small points of law which have escaped her attention - for instance, of the fact that even after thirteen years beneath the yoke of Booth's husband and his chums, English law does not recognise that belief in a sky-daddy constitutes in itself a mitigating circumstance for breaking someone's jaw. The advice will of course be informal, as befits a public figure with criminal connections and a great deal of money.


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