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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Your Friends Are Nastier

The master of ceremonies for Lord Ashcroft's private party, Daveybloke's cuddly chairman Eric Pickles, has been fulminating about Labour being in hock to the unions (insert dog whistle and blow: unions winter of discontent corpses lying unburied in the street three day week power cuts Scargill crypto-Stalinism gulags for taxpayers); and of course we all know what strenuous efforts Tony and his Glorious Successor and their chums have made when it comes to empowering organised labour. Presumably this particular bit of fatuity was Pickles' attempt to keep the headlines away from some chums of Daveybloke's who are celebrating the anniversary of a battle between the Latvian SS and a British ally in 1944. The Latvian SS, you may recall, were the Decent SS who fought shoulder to shoulder with the Germans in the name of Latvian independence, since the continuing independence of small and relatively weak nations was a famous priority of Nazi foreign policy. Fans of the demonstration include For Fatherland and Freedom, a "relatively small political grouping" which is part of Daveybloke's relatively small Cuddly Coalition of anti-semites, climate change revisionists and other relatively small and moderate right-wingers. The Upper Miliband, whose mother is a Polish Jew and who approves of torture and murder only when they are applied to the proper sort of people, found the whole business quite sickening.


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