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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Black Phish

Date: Wed 17 Mar 2010 6:00pm Europe/London
To: undisclosed-recipients::
Subject: like good wiv da coloured folks innit

Yo niggaz!!!!!!!!!!

i am Bloke i am daveybloke i am balck Firnedly Bloke i am Hip innit i am talc takl tcackle Racism Bloke iam Da Man 4u Bloke. i am dave Gangsta Tory Bloke in toutch wiv da Pople rah rah. we ar e Not Racist Praty we are allll birtish biritsh britshit innit Toggther we hvave Balck Trian drivers & claeners & Sun raders & Knifecrime. we in da like Not Racist Praty offfer all Knids good britshit to Hlp Hlep Balck Blokes into Bizniozness. we in da like Not Racist Praty iz Not like Racist twoards Black VBlokes we are like Undastand yuor difffclultlies we wlil Cobmat Racism with ouor Gangsta Bloke Refform Agenda we is like tackel Cuases of Povrety like Public sreverces & BBC potplants.

We Non=rascist Prtay Blokes am do Role Modlel Mentor nig Mentornning t2o Show yo wehre Yuo are going Wrong. iff yuo Wrok hard & nott clam Benenfinits you mihght 1 day be Busnizness Bloke like my man Tarbrush Hague. iam Dave da Bloke rah rah We are Not racist to pople popple pepole who iz like thnking what we is thinking. balck Bblokes have gvien much to the Wrold inculding allll our fravoruite niggerian Nigerian biusniz pratcises. we iz like Cool innit wihth Coloured buziness itt is only teh Benenfint Claimnancheats who need fear the Idleness Police Rap.

Yo Blalck Bloke Vote for yuor Bro Daveybloke adn his Bitch Samananthamantha. if yuo want a Jihadi Aysylyum Sneaker for a nighbour vote Libdem or Labour.

rah rah

davey da bLoke


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