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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Righteous Among the Cleggs

Update Giovanni tactfully points out, via the comments, that Jenny Tonge and I have made fools of ourselves. A posting on YouTube seems to be the only source for the story which started all this, and which the Palestine Telegraph seems to have removed from its website. An editorial mentions "charges aired in several media reports and a YouTube video that [organ harvesting] was occurring in Haiti", but regrettably fails to specify the several reports in question. Hence, the evidence for the charges appears to be nil; or, counting YouTube, less than nil. You shouldn't believe everything you read in the news, especially if it confirms your own suspicions.

The Liberal Democrat leader, Nick "Who?" Clegg, has shown himself an international statesbeing in waiting by sacking Jenny Tonge, his health spokeswoman in the House of Donors. While grovelling unreservedly on her behalf and delicately suggesting that she may not be irredeemably bigoted, Clegg said that some remarks of hers to the Jewish Chronicle were "wrong, distasteful and provocative" and that he recognised the "deep and understandable distress they have caused to the Jewish community". The Jewish community in this case appears to have been a few Liberal Democrats who pre-empted the inevitable squeals of outrage from the Righteous State by demanding Tonge's head.

Her crime was to call for an inquiry into allegations that members of the Israeli Defence Force have turned a challenge into an opportunity and harvested human organs from victims of the Haiti earthquake. Tonge said that "the IDF and the Israeli Medical Association should establish an independent inquiry immediately to clear the names of the team in Haiti". Clearly, this is inexcusable. I don't know about the Israeli Medical Association, but the IDF's passion for truth, justice and disinterested investigation is even more famous than that of New New Labour and the Metropolitan Police. In the circumstances, Tonge's suggestion that the clearing of the Haiti team's names would be a foregone conclusion is self-evidently a calculated and genocidal insult to Tel Aviv, the Six Million and all the seed of Abraham.

It isn't the first time, either. Tonge was fired from her post as spokeswoman on infant resources when she suggested that the feelings of Palestinians might be more or less comparable to those of actual parents.


  • At 8:53 pm , Blogger Giovanni said...

    Uhm. Okay. But unless I'm missing something, the only source of the story is this one guy with a webcam standing outside of a medical unit set up by the IDF and making the claim that the Israeli soldiers are stealing organs inside said tent, a claim for which he has no evidence whatsoever other than the fact that he opposes Zionism and is cognisant of what "you guys did in South Africa and Palestine" and also he knows that "some Jews were arrested in New York for organ trafficking". Unless there's anything more substantial than this that I'm not aware of, I'd say that if anything Ms Tonge wasn't fired fast enough.

    "To prevent allegations such as these, which have already been posted on YouTube, going any further..." She's insane. Tell you what, I'm going to video myself claiming that Tonge lures children into her gingerbread house. Then I'll post it on YouTube. Then I'll come out and suggest that somebody needs to launch an inquiry to clear her name.

  • At 9:56 pm , Blogger Philip said...

    Although I don't believe I share Tonge's delusionary assumption that accusations posted on YouTube are necessarily preceded by facts, I did take the Guardian's term allegations to mean that there was more than one source. Perhaps my journalese-filter needs re-setting, especially where one's own sneaking suspicions look like being reinforced.

  • At 10:10 pm , Blogger Giovanni said...

    I'm darned if I can find anything more substantive. If there was every a story in the Palestine Telegraph, as the Guardian article states, it appears it was withdrawn. The Telegraph claims that the story was originated by one of its reporters, Steven Lendman, but he too refers to the AfriSynergy video on YouTube as the only piece of "evidence":

    And if that's indeed the whole basis, suggesting that we should have an enquiry seems outrageous.

    A corollary: if Stormfront consistently comes up in the top results when you're researching a story on the Net, it's probably best left there.


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