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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Some Of My Best Jewish Friends Are War Criminals

The British government, which is usually so eager to dipense with fusty legal formalities such as courts, evidence, due process and so forth, has displayed an unwonted conservatism in the case of Tzipi Livni, the Righteous State's former foreign minister. An arrest warrant for Livni was issued by a British court in connection with the fourteen hundred terrorists detrimented during this year's somewhat excessive if indubitably righteous rampage in Gaza, which Britain's leading liberal newspaper refers to, with its customary deadpan humour, as a "war". Livni had been due to attend a conference in London; although her office claimed she had cancelled the engagement, Palestinian sources said they had seen her there and informed the lawyers. The Foreign Office is simply squirming with embarrassment, and the Glorious Successor has been on the telephone having a bit of a grovel in order to avoid the Upper Miliband being inexpediently branded an anti-Semite. The Upper Miliband himself noted that "the procedure by which arrest warrants can be sought and issued without any prior knowledge or advice by a prosecutor is an unusual feature of the system in England and Wales" and gave the world his assurance that, since the said system has caused annoyance to the Righteous State, the Government is "looking urgently at ways in which the UK system might be changed in order to avoid this sort of situation arising again". In future, no doubt, such warrants will require the prior knowledge and consent of somebody impartial and dependable, such as a minister or two.


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