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Monday, November 16, 2009

Misguided, If Not Downright Indiscreet

The Glorious Successor is to apologise for the transportation of a hundred and fifty thousand children to faith schools in Australia. This particular golden thread, which ran through our history between 1929 and 1967, involved taking children out of social or charitable care in Britain and placing them in the tender care of the Roman Catholic church, which subjected them to the usual loving regime of slave labour spiced with physical and sexual assault. The object of the exercise was to ensure that the colony not be lost to the Asiatics, and the scheme might therefore be seen as a precursor of the Glorious Successor's present policies of holding back the mongrel hordes by imprisoning children at home and sending teenagers to kill children abroad. The main difference, of course, is that the terms in which the policy was originally couched are no longer fashionable in present-day political discourse; hence the Glorious Successor's description of the British Commonwealth's use of kidnapping and fraud as a means to ethnic cleanliness as "misguided". The Secretary of State for Tiny Human Resources was careful to emphasise the public-relations aspect, stating that it was "important that we say to the children who are now adults and older people, and to their offspring, that this is something that we look back on in shame", rather than going all politically correct and writing it into the history books.


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