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Saturday, October 03, 2009

African Zionist

Some people were born to be in comic-books. The very name of Eugène Terre'Blanche ("happy-deoxyribonucleic-acid white-land") is brilliantly suited to the job of racist supervillain, and it is clear that the old crank intends to live down to it until the end. He is a sort of South African Avigdor Lieberman, except that Lieberman is shrewd enough to keep his violence verbal and his illegalities international; while Terre'Blanche, of course, is not an immigrant. He has been a bit quiet recently thanks to political correctness having gone mad in the present South African state, which put Terre'Blanche in prison over a near-fatal assault on a man whose genes were not quite so eu as his own. He now hopes to organise a referendum for those disillusioned with a state in which "crime, death, murder, rape, lies and fraud" have apparently escaped from the government into the population at large. He also hopes to rally the oppressed whites of South Africa as they languish in their bantustans, and "apply to the United Nations for a breakaway Afrikaner republic", hopefully in the bits of South Africa where the diamond mines are. Then again, he might like to consider setting it up in eastern Europe and furthering the British Conservative party's Drang nach Osten. With his dislike of federalism, his fervent patriotism and his obvious concern over some people's crimes, he is surely the sort of man with whom Daveybloke could do business.


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