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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Alphabetical Order

A was an Article filed by a hack;
B was a Blogger who wrote an attack;
C the Computer on which it was noted;
D was a Database horribly bloated;
E was the Evil with which he was charged;
F was his File which was hourly enlarged;
G was the Gaoler by whom he was scared;
H was the Hoody whose surname he shared;
I his Identity lost in the static;
J was the Judgement both harsh and emphatic;
K was the Knowledge from which he was kept;
L was the Law which was changed as he slept;
M was the Maze where they ordered him lost;
N was the Number by which he was bossed;
O was the Outbreak in which he escaped;
P was the Poncho in which he was draped;
Q was the Question they asked at the border;
R the Response as a guard yelled an order;
S was the Slip which he gave them when fleeing;
T was a Town where the spies were all-seeing;
U was the Unit to which he was led;
V was the Virus he faked for a bed;
W the Ward where he hid for a day;
X was the X-ray that gave him away;
Y was the Year that he spent in the maze;
Z was the Zone where he ended his days.

Golobom Hrutt


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