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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Question of Priorities

Now that President Obama has decided that health care reform is perhaps a little less important than previously thought if it means he gets called ugly names, the Republicans will be seeking his opponent for 2012 with a renewed sense of possibility. One likely candidate is on trial at the moment for putting her own home and hearth above the interests of a man convicted of the rape and murder of a woman; and not just any woman, mark you, but a mother of seven, a breeder of the soldiers and stockbrokers of tomorrow. The murderer's lawyer was trying to file an appeal for a stay of execution, as the supreme court had cast doubt on whether it was constitutional to strap a man down, paralyse him and stop his heart from beating. The supreme court seems to have thought that such treatment might amount to cruel and unusual punishment; certainly it is unusual for white people, at least in comparison with blacks and Hispanics. The lawyer asked the judge, Sharon Keller, to keep the courthouse open past its usual closing time because of a delay resulting from a computer problem; Keller, who was busy dealing with a repairman at the aforementioned home and hearth, said: "We close at 5pm", and Texas justice was duly served. Apparently the judge is expected to "note the incongruity of her 15-year career being threatened" simply because she may have failed to administer the law properly. She has already said that the computer malfunction was not properly explained to her, and that if it had been she "would have started thinking in a different direction". But, since it wasn't, what the hell.


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