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Sunday, August 30, 2009

One of the Bad Men

An Islamic convert, trained in violence and with a record of collaborating in the human rights violations of a rogue state, has been prevented from entering the country on the grounds that he is unemployed and is not a sufficiently active participant in his own country's housing market. Although the potential suicide bomber's ticket had been paid for by a coagulation of bleeding hearts, officials were worried that he might seize his opportunity to take unfair advantage of Britain's booming economy, generous welfare state and lack of border controls. The traitor to British-Saudi values was due to address a meeting of Magna Carta fanatics and other reactionary forces, with the result that at least one pressure group director has already been harassing immigration officials with claims that their actions "would look like vindictiveness". Yet worse, the jihadi himself has somehow been allowed to vent his racist bile upon the feral beast of the British press. Scornfully dismissing Britain's proud heritage and almost-functional transport system with the claim that he "will never come back to Britain after this", the Talibanised resource also shrugged off Britain's dedicated scapular adhesiveness in the war on terror by stating that "the UK has been an ally of the US, but has not been an active participant in some of the things the US had been doing". Well, of all the cheek.


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