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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Give Us the Tools and We Will Bodge Something More or Less Together

The Minister for Bleached Quadrennial Pachyderms has assured fellow expenses claimants that "the public purse will receive substantial returns" from the Olympic village which said purse is now obliged to fund. A deal offered by a private company, Lend Lease, was rejected as not good enough; which, bearing in mind New New Labour's idea of a good deal, gives some indication of the kind of people whose sloppy seconds the taxpayer is expected to slurp up with a smile. The honest Mrs Mills has said that the Olympics building programme is helping to stimulate the economy; doubtless this is why the project has now been placed in the inefficient, over-paid, uncompetitive public sector rather than given to one of the many thrusting, can-do and, above all, honest private companies jostling for the opportunity to just employ the hell out of everybody once Daveybloke's Cuddly Conservatives have abolished that ghastly minimum wage which has been holding us back all these years. Once the international festival of advertising and jingoism is finished, the Olympic village will be converted into homes and shops, thirty per cent of the homes being "affordable" to someone or other, while the rest will be "sold on the open market". Presumably, the homes sold on the open market will be unaffordable; but since the economic recovery is inextricably linked to high house prices, this will obviously be a Good Thing. Someone has manufactured an "artist's impression" of how the urban paradise will look: the London sky in 2012 will be blue and unpolluted, and despite the apocalyptic terrorist threat there won't be a security camera in sight.


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