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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dropped From My Black Spitfire to My Funeral Barge

Daveybloke's latest mirror trick seems to be clattering apart already. The Other Out With Wogs, Down With Frogs Party has never entirely reconciled itself to Britain's position on the periphery of Europe; many of its more upright members would much rather be outside it altogether, and it appears that Daveybloke has decided the best policy is to appease the neo-tebbits in case they retain their form of the past decade and a half and prove themselves the single factor capable of winning New New Labour the next election. Accordingly, Daveybloke has withdrawn the British Conservative party from the main right-wing bloc in Europe, in order to isolate himself in "a caucus of European Conservatives", which presumably will comprise all those European parties which do not believe in Europe, viz. the neo-tebbit wing of the British Conservative party. Daveybloke claims that the British Conservative party has "a positive vision of Europe" as a dumping ground for lesser breeds; but he and his party "profoundly believe the Lisbon treaty is wrong", possibly because it fails to guarantee us the Queen's head on our stamps and sovereignty in perpetuity over the Falkland Islands, but doubtless at least partly because New New Labour more or less believe the Lisbon treaty is not wrong. The price of this clear blue water is that Daveybloke's master stroke has annoyed the Swedes, alienated the Czechs, given the Upper Miliband his first good laugh in weeks and caused the German chancellor to state: "We refuse to extend our hand to those who reject the Lisbon treaty ... and who at the same time speak of enlargement"; or, in Anglo-Saxon, to call Daveybloke of Albion a two-faced, four-flushing little squit. Imagine that. Let's hope Daveybloke and some of his Cuddly Conservatives remember who won the war.


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