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Friday, May 22, 2009

A Certain Latitude

Vicious anti-semites at the Advertising Standards Authority, backed up by terrorist sympathisers and self-hating Jews, are assessing the possibility of an investigation into an advertisement by the Righteous State's Tourism Office which wiped Palestine off the map. The poster, displayed by Lenin with typically orgasmic pro-Islamist fervour, includes a map which makes no distinction between the legally recognised state of Israel and the occupied territories; although in all fairness it must be said that the Righteous State's Tourism Office does not appear to have presented Gaza or the West Bank as particularly magnetic spots for holiday-makers, even in a recession. Even the embassy of Syria, not the most ethically attractive state in the world, has been able to climb on its high moral horse over the "outrageous falsification of the facts and a violation of international law" because the map on the poster includes the Golan Heights, which the Righteous State annexed "unilaterally" (as opposed, presumably, to annexing them bilaterally or multilaterally) fourteen years after seizing them in the 1967 war. The poster's act of cartographic Holocaust-memorialising is part of a campaign, Think Israel, which has run into this sort of trouble before; last year a magazine advertisement implied that Qumran was part of Legal Israel when in fact it is only part of Greater Israel.


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