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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

There Is Such a Thing as Sociology

Daveybloke, the Cuddly Conservative, has discovered something called "positive social norms", a sociological theory which "indicated that people often changed their behaviour by copying their neighbours", and which may possibly have gained some credence from the results of Daveybloke's years of close proximity to the Vicar of Downing Street and his Glorious Successor. Daveybloke was talking to some environmentalists today, so he was wearing his environmentalist face and speaking his environmentalist speak. Daveybloke proposed that gas and electricity bills ought to show "what a typical house in your street is spending", so people can decide that they'd rather spend less on energy and lower the average themselves, rather than leave the plasma TV on all night and let the neighbours worry about the bloody Arctic fox. Daveybloke also pledged to fix the standard of legal emissions for future coal power stations at the same level as modern gas power stations, which emit too much carbon. "This is intended to drive the introduction of carbon capture and storage technology", which will doubtless make coal even more cost-effective than it was when Daveybloke's sainted predecessor, Margaret Thatcher, closed all those pits some little time ago. Daveybloke also pledged that "the Conservatives would not drop their environmental agenda because of the economic downtown ... but neither would they neglect increasing financial pressures on people". The last bit seems unduly honest, so presumably it wasn't intended to come out the way it sounds.


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